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The best program ever!!

My progress through this program has really improved my language abilities.

Good but not good enough

As a flash card program this app does what it ought to do, but the Korean language content is lacking and so, even as a vocabulary study aid, the package falls short. For example, there are NO VERBS ... How can you learn a language without learning any of its verbs? I would not buy this app again.

Valuable tool for serious leaners

Easy to use and simple to study with, this app offers a lot for those interested in building their vocabulary. Well-designed and excellent for quick pick-up and study or long-term cramming sessions. Well worth the investment.

Good, if you just want to learn vocabulary.

This is not a directed program so you are entirely on your own. You will not learn conversation, verb forms, or any of the things you need to learn a language. You can use this to learn vocabulary. But, that is all it's good for. If you are looking to learn Korean, don't buy this one. It's worthless. If you know Korean and want to expand your vocabulary, this can help, but it certainly isn't worth $10 because it does not do what it purports to do, teach you Korean. It's not even a good dictionary unless you just want a simple word lookup. Recommendation: Don't buy.

Don't buy unless you need a dictionary

This is a dictionary. There are no phrases or grammar to see or hear how words are used conversationally. It is certainly not worth $10.

The deleted the translator

It used to have a translator and they deleted it after an update. The translator was the best part!!

Very upset.

I paid 10$ for this app, and liked it, but now half of it's utility is gone as they secretly removed the Internet search translation capability. Terrible move guys. The words database on this app is very very limited. I can hardly ever type in a word to translate now and get a result. I had even bought their Portuguese and Spanish versions. Feels like I was just bent over. I want my money back.

Not a dictionary

Do not buy this thinking it's a dicitionary. It only has a handful of words.

wish I didn't buy it

some words are mismatched. for example 바다 means ocean but the card says "bar". which is also ambiguous because you don't know if that's a pub or a pipe... but regardless, it's just wrong. the cars also need to have parts of speech labeled. plus the adjectives need to be in dictionary format, not converted into present tense use for connecting to nouns. also sometimes the Korean voice and words on the cards don't even match up. for example adding an extra 서 to words even tho it's not written on top of that there's no way to modify the lists so that u don't have to flip through words you already know. you guys raised the price but you didn't raise the quality. please update and correct your mistakes. people devote their precious time and money to study and your giving them incorrect information because you didn't bother to properly test your product before you started selling it.

Great Update

Love the new translate option!

Only decent

Word counts: English-Korean dictionaries: 150,000+ This program: 1500ish Everything works well the way it should, but the fact is that there's just not enough words to seriously make a dent in the Korean language. Eg. They're missing simple words like "start" and "still"! Bottom line is that it is kind of helpful... But I kinda wish I hadn't bought it.


In 2 summers I'm going to my country of birth (Korea) for the first time. Hopfully I'll find out who my birthparents and possibly siblings are and I'll get to see them. I am so longing to learn Korean before I go. I'd recemend to anyone to use Accelastudy as a starting and reference tool for learning a new language. Thankyou guys :)

Good app...but

I generally like this app quite a bit. It has a huge vocabulary, and good ways to study and learn the phrases and vocabulary. But, my wife who is Korean says that some of the translations are awkward, or antiquated. One of my complaints is that they don't tell you the part of speech of the English word, or which meaning of a word that has several meanings. For example, the word "present" can mean "gift", "now", or be used as a verb, meaning to give a speech or lecture. This app doesn't distinguish between these meanings, it just give the Korean equivalent of one of these meanings without telling you which one.

Very useful

This application is very useful and worth the 7 or 8 dollars that it costs. It has plenty of vocabularies for you to learn as well as keeping it very organizable. For the military terms, the Korean words don't match up. It has a different spoken work (스바이) instead of the word written on the flash card. If those few words could be fixed it would help even more. 대단히 감사합니다!

very useful app!

I love this app. I use it about everyday & my Korean vocabs is much better now! Thanks to the creators. (= <3

Very useful program

Excellent app. I find it very useful to use during my commute to work. I am able to learn some new words each day!

Awesome Flashcard App

This is a great program that keeps getting better. The developers are always adding vocabulary and making improvements (updates are free). A big list of conjugated verbs is coming out in version 1.5, which should put the total word count at almost 3000 words. The spaced-repetition mode is the most useful. It tests you over your hardest words first, keeping track of how well you know each word. A big list of categories makes it easy to choose what words to focus on. Voice is tightly integrated into the program, along with several other handy features. Totally worth the $7.99 price tag.

Think before you buy

The flashcard - study- and other things don't work. The only thing that does work is the test but that's hard to do if you can't friggin study for it.... Needs up date. The voice part is fine - not worth money since half the crap doesn't work

Not perfect, but Best app of its kind for Korean-English

At $15 this is a 3-star app. At $10, this becomes a 4-star app. I bought this at 15 so I'm giving a 3. Just a few things that don't make it 5 stars: 1. It really needs a quick-add "+" button to add a word to your customized flash card set WHILE you're browsing their category libraries. Currently, the only way to do this is to separately write down the words you want to add while studying, then click away and into your custom flash card set, then type in and add each word one at a time. This is time consuming and adding a single plus button would be a HUGE time saver. I can't imagine it being programmatically too difficult. 2. There are a few errors (wrong words or spelling), but not too many.

good start but needs work

This was just the kind of app I was looking for for the ipod, and i appreciate the fact that you added in the audio. still, I get errors on a regular basis indicating that there is no voice file for a particular word. also 2000+ words is a good start, but for the price you are charging (quite a bit more than most applications in the app store) you should read offer a few times that number. There were many common words i have already discovered that don't exist in your list. Please continue the updates.

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